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Patents provide you with a monopoly for your invention. This means you can exclude competitors from the market and enforce higher prices. However, this applies only in those countries in which you have applied for patent protection. Our European patent attorneys in Munich, Germany will be happy to consult you.

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Trademarks give your products a special image and thus distinguish it from comparable products of other companies. They enable customers to quickly recognize your products or services and convey a certain quality. Trademark protection becomes more and more important. Our European trademark attorney in Munich, Germany will be happy to consult you.

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With a proper design, your products will convince beyond their technical features. Often, the design is even the most important feature for a consumer to buy a product. Design protection becomes more and more important. Our  attorney for design law is ready to assist you.

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Here you will find information on the major property rights, particularly on the German, European and international PCT patent, on German trademarks, Community trademarks and IR trademarks, industrial designs and domain names. In case of questions, please get in touch with a European patent attorney in Munich, Germany.

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How much does a patent cost? How high is the cost of a European patent, an international patent application or a U.S. patent? Here you will find all important information about patent costs and registration procedures. Our European patent attorneys in Munich, Germany will gladly consult you.

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We advise owners and managers of SMEs in how they can set up the procedures in their patent department wisely and efficiently. In addition, we shed light on questions such as: “In which countries should I apply for patent protection for my invention?” Or “which budget should I spend for my invention?”.

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Patworx – Your patent and trademark law firm in Germany

Patworx German patent attorneys. We mainly provide solutions for SMEs and entrepreneurs who want to file patent, trademark or design patent applications in a simple and cost effective manner. Our patent and trademark attorneys in Munich, Germany have years of experience in many technical fields, in particular in the field of electrical engineering / electronics, software patents, mechanical engineering, automotive, medical engineering, physics and chemistry as well as in biotechnology. We also handle all cases in conjunction with German brands, EU trademarks, IR trademarks, designs or domain names.

The software tools developed by us show you the status of your applications and provide you with an estimate of the expected future patent costs. Thus, you can quickly and easily obtain patent, trademark or design protection for your invention. In case of patent infringement or trademark infringement our German patent attorneys assist you in enforcing your rights and in defending your rights in court and out of court. We have successfully carried out for our clients a wide range of legal proceedings and court procedures in the recent years. Our German and European Patent Attorneys provide you with efficient and professional services. Call us at Tel: 089 18 91 63 10 or send us an email to Patworx German patent attorneys.

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