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Patents provide you with monopoly protection for your invention. You have a right to exclude competitors from the market place and enforce higher prices. However, protection applies only in countries in which you have patent protection. Our European patent attorneys in Munich, Germany will be happy to advise.


Trademarks give your products a special image and thus distinguish the from comparable products of other companies. They enable customers to quickly recognize your products or services and convey a certain quality. Trademark protection is becoming ever more important. Our European trademark attorneys in Munich, Germany will be happy to advise you.


With the optimum design, your products will impress beyond their technical features. Design can often be uppermost in the thoughts of a customer making a purchasing decision. Design protection is therefore becoming ever more important. Our design attorneys are ready to advise you.

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Patworx German patent attorneys. We provide solutions for SMEs and entrepreneurs who want to file patent, trademark or design patent applications in a simple and cost effective manner. Our patent and trademark attorneys based in Munich, Germany have many years of experience. In patents, we cover technical fields including electronic and electrical engineering, software & IT, mechanical engineering in particular automotive, medical engineering, physics, chemistry and biotechnology. For branding we protect trademarks and designs at the German, European and International levels, as well as acting on domain name disputes. Our in-house developed software tools show you key status information on your applications and provide estimates of expected future costs. With us you experience a smooth and pain free path to obtain patent, trademark and design protection for your innovations. In case of patent, design or trademark infringement, our German patent attorneys can assist you in enforcing your rights in court and out of court. We have successfully carried out a significant number of enforcement actions for our clients in recent years. Our German and European Patent Attorneys provide you with efficient and professional services. Call us at Tel: 089 18 91 63 10 or send us an email to Patworx German patent attorneys.

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We are continually looking for patent attorneys and patent engineers with ideas and foresight combined with an attention to detail.


How much does a patent cost? How high is the cost of obtaining a European patent, a US patent, or of filing an International (PCT) patent application? Here you will find important information about patent costs and registration procedures. Our European patent attorneys in Munich, Germany will gladly advise further.


We advise SMEs and larger companies on how to set up appropriate internal IP structures and procedures in house. We can advise on IP strategy and budgetary questions such as: In which countries should I apply for protection? What budget will I need next year for IP: e.g. for procurement and advisory work?


Here you will find information on the principal intellectual property rights: patent applications in Germany and at the European Patent Office and on International (PCT) patent applications; trademarks in Germany, in the European Union and International (IR) trademark registrations; and designs and domain names. If you have any questions, please contact one of our attorneys in Munich, Germany.