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Patworx is an internationally operating firm of European patent attorneys who work in the field of patentstrademarks and designs, serving German as well as international companies in all matters of intellectual property rights. We are located in Munich, Germany very close to the German and European Patent Offices . Due to our software-supported process management, we are able to offer patent, trademark and utility model applications as well as design patent applications in a highly cost-efficient manner. Our team includes at least one certified European patent attorney in every technical field, so we can serve clients in different branches and different technologies.

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We protect your technical inventions properly in Europe and Germany. Get in contact with  a European patent attorney of our team.


We protect brand names and trademarks properly in Europe and Germany. Get in contact with  a European trademark attorney of our team.


We protect design patents properly in Europe and Germany. Get in contact with  a European patent attorney of our team.

Patworx offers a team of European patent attorneys and trademark attorneys.

Our clients are mainly smaller and medium-sized companies who seek to get patent, trademark or design protection in Germany and Europe. However, we also represent a number of larger companies, such as companies from the USA, Russia or South Korea and Europe. Our patent and trademark attorneys deal with a multitude of cases in the field of international patents, trademarks or designs on a daily basis. This is why we can constantly broaden our knowledge – you can profit from this experience. We can help you, whether you want to obtain a German or European patent for your invention, have to enforce the protection of your patent, want to take action against a cease and desist letter or need information in legal matters.

We have associates with degrees in all important technical fields, in particular mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, physics, medical engineering and chemistry, so that we can support you in all technical areas. In addition, we have special knowledge relating to the patenting of software- inventions, software patents and intellectual property infringement. In addition, we advise and represent our clients in the field of copyright law, competition law and in the field of licensing agreements. The focal point of our work lies in obtaining protection for your intellectual property, namely patents, trademarks, Utility Models or design patents in Germany and Europe, to enforce it and to defend it in and out of court. For instance, we have successfully litigated many proceedings and law suits for our clients during the last few years.

Our German and European patent attorneys and trademark attorneys are based in Munich and Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Our German and European patent and trademark attorneys in Munich support you professionally and cost-efficiently. Call us at: + 49 (0) 89 18 91 63 10 or send us an email to Patworx European patent attorney.

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We’re also offering the following services:



We conduct patent and trademark searches for relevant prior art worldwide in order to avoid potential conflicts with third parties proprietary rights from the beginning. Or do you need a search for an opposition against the patent of a competitor? Talk to a patent attorney of Patworx in Munich, Germany. We will gladly consult you.

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With an action for infringement the patent or trademark owner tries to enforce his claims for injunctive relief or damages against the infringer. Infringement suits offer many opportunities, but also involve high risks. Our European patent attorneys in Munich, Germany will gladly consult you.


Licence agreements

Start making money from your patent or trademark and start earning royalties. Take advantage of our experience in the elaboration of license and know-how agreements. Our European patent attorneys in Munich will gladly consult you.



Are you getting blocked by a third party’s patent or utility model, or did you receive a warning letter or a preliminary injunction from a patent or a trademark owner? Our patent and trademark attorneys in Munich, Germany help you to clarify the situation and to find possible workarounds. Here you will find answers.



Are you getting blocked by a third party’s patent or utility model, or do you want to oppose a patent? We are searching for suitable state of the art and help you in getting the patent revoked or at least limited. Talk to one of the  European patent attorneys of our team in Munich, Germany. We look forward to speaking to you.


domain law

An Internet domain enjoys the same protection as a trademark. However, a precondition for the emergence of protection is that the domain is used in the course of trade, and that it is originally distinctive. Our German patent attorneys in Munich will gladly consult you concerning domain law.