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Calculate validation costs of a European patent  – with our online validation cost calculator!

After grant a European patent will become valid only in those countries where you fulfill certain requirements of the national patent offices. I. e. you have to validate the EU patent in the desired countries (please refer to our online cost calculator for possible EP countries). For example, for validation purposes, some countries require the translation of the claims or a even complete translation into the national language, as well as the payment of official fees or the appointment of a national representative to perform all necessary actions. Each country has its own regulations for the validation of the EU patent in its territory. The European patent will become valid in the respective country only after the national requirements have been met. In the non-selected countries, the EU patent will lapse.

In order to calculate the validation costs for the EU patent, simply select the desired countries and enter the number of pages of your application including claims. By clicking on the “Calculate” button, you will immediately obtain the expected validation costs as a result.

When calculating the validation costs, we assumed that the language of the application is German or English. The drawings do not contain any text that needs to be translated.

In the countries table, the colors green, yellow and red indicate groups of countries with different translation requirements and thus different costs. Green countries are countries where no translation of the European patent has to be filed. Yellow countries are countries in which the claims must be translated into the national language. Also, the description may need to be translated into English if the language of the application is other than English. Red countries are countries that require a full translation of the European patent into the national language. These countries therefore are relatively expensive.

Note: The calculation of validation costs shall not be regarded as a binding offer. For a specific offer, please contact us.