Patent attorneys electrical engineering

In the field of electrical engineering and electronics the majority of patents are filed worldwide. Our patent attorneys in Munich are specialized in this field and do have many years of experience. For example, we have particular expertise in the fields of power electronics, sensors, microelectronics, semiconductor technology, communications, digital technology, measurement and control technology, power engineering, LEDs, image processing, power transmission, wireless communications and telecommunications and many others.

In relation to patent applications in the field of electrical engineering and electronics, special care must be taken to ensure that not only the whole circuit, but also its individual components are protected independently. Directing independent claims only to the overall system may incur problems when enforcing such a patent against a competitor who is only producing or distributing components, but not the overall system.

According to the jurisprudence of the Federal Patent Court, it is the patent applicant’s duty and responsibility to protect all aspects of his invention. Failure to define appropriate claims cannot be remediated at a later stage during litigation proceedings.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about patents in the field of electrical engineering and electronics. Our European patent attorney who holds a degree in electrical engineering looks forward to hearing from you. Other fields of our daily practice are machinery and software patents.