P: +49 89 189 16 310


P: +49 89 189 16 310

Wolfgang Keilitz European patent attorney

Being an electrical engineer, the basis of my work is certainly in the field of electronics, mechanical engineering and software patents. However, owing to my many years of support for start-up companies, I am also very active in the areas of trademark law and design law. In addition to filing trademark and design applications I also deal with the defense and enforcement of these property rights in infringement proceedings. In addition, I develop business processes with our clients that allow us to easily and efficiently integrate our activities within the patent law firm into the internal processes of our clients.

Our patent office is located in the center of Munich near Friedensengel.

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– German Patent Attorney
– European Patent Attorney
– European Trademark Attorney
– European Design Attorney

Wolfgang Keilitz Patentanwalt München

Focal points

Patent applications in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, software patents and physics, patent infringements, nullity actions, trademarks and trademark infringements, appeals, licensing agreements, searches, design patent protection and design patent infringements.

Wolfgang Keilitz Patentanwalt München


– Nationality: Austria
– Studies of electrical engineering in Munich, Germany
– Stays in USA and Spain as an electrical engineer
– Training as a patent and trademark attorney
– Since 20+ years working independently
– Hobbies: kite surfing, ski touring, tennis,
traveling, fishing, languages, piano


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TEL. +49 89 189 163 10

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81675 München

20 years of Professional experience

Electrical Engineering

  • sensors
  • automotive electronics, bus systems
  • driver assistance systems, vehicle controls
  • electric machines
  • driver information systems
  • tyre pressure systems
  • brake systems
  • process engineering
  • control devices
  • drive systems
  • microelectronics
  • software patents
  • digital electronics
  • communications
  • mobile communications
  • encryption technology
  • flow meters
  • ultrasonic sensors
  • level meters
  • vacuum sensors

Mechanical Engineering

  • rigs, in particular for exploration
  • motor vehicle brake systems
  • elevator systems
  • valves
  • conveyor systems
  • automotive technology
  • motorcycles
  • airbag systems
  • machine tools
  • labelling machines, labels
  • packaging machines
  • construction machines
  • nanotechnology
  • coating machines, vanishing machines
  • cutting machines
  • plastics engineering
  • vehicle lamps
  • whiteware
  • bikes, bicycles, E-bikes
  • wind power plants
  • energy plants
  • commercial vehicle trailers
  • printing machines
  • weaving and knitting machines

Medical Engineering

  • catheters
  • stents
  • biotechnology
  • implants
  • electroencephalography


  • lasers
  • optical sensors