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Utility Model protection in Germany and Europe

Just like the patent, a Utility Model serves to protect technical inventions. The Utility Model however in comparision to the patent provides a shortened period of protection of up to 10 years and in addition does not undergo a substantive examination for novelty and non-obviousness. This examination is being performed lateron in case the Utility Model serves to litigate an infringer. For more information on utility model protection, please contact one of our European patent attorneys.

Why to apply for a German Utility Model? It turns into an intellectual property right much faster than a patent, for the application is not assessed in relation to novelty and inventive step. It is immediately registered after a brief formalities check. Thus, the Utility Model can be quickly used against an infringer.

Is it possible to effectively litigate an infringer on a Utility Model basis? The efficacy of a Utility Model hinches on the question how proper it has been destinguishes from the prior art.

What am I to do in case I do not know the prior art? Well, we have a solution to this. We put emphasis of properly executed prior art searches. Such a search is inherently recommended prior to filing a Utility Model application.

When a Utility Model application is to be filed, we elaborate the filing documents and apply greatest care to the draft of the claims. Did you know that a single unnecessary feature mentioned in a claim can allow a competitor to bypass your protective right and copy your invention? Drafting the claims is a matter of art. You can benefit from our long term experience in utility model protection!

Our German Patent Attorneys are based in Munich Germany and Ludwigshafen Germany and serve all clients who seek to get Utility Model protection in Germany. Our partners have special expertise in handling German Utility Model applications, nullity suits and infringements in Germany or Europe. We use the search result for a proper distinction versus the prior art and thus for to enable you to effectively litigate an infringer.

For small companies and sole inventors, we offer a reasonable flat rate for advice and for support in applying for a Utility Model.

We are curious to find out about your world, call us at: + 49 (0) 89 18 91 63 10 or send us an email to contact(at)patworx(dot).net and get to know our services in relation to utility model protection in Germany.