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Design patent protection in Germany and Europe

First impressions count. With a corresponding design, your products will convince beyond their technical features. Often, the design is even the most important feature for the consumer to buy a product. The field of entertainment electronics can serve as an example here. Think of televisions or cellular phones, for example. Thus, it is surely advisable to get design patent protection in Germany or Europe.

Protection of your design by means of a design patent application helps you to reserve the external configuration of a product. We already obtained design patents for furniture, printed products, jewelry, bottles and many other objects.

You can also benefit from our long-time experience in the area of design patent protection! Our German patent attorneys and European patent and trademark attorneys are based in Munich Germany and Ludwigshafen Germany and serve all clients who seek to get design patent protection in Germany, Europe or internationally. Our partners have special expertise in German design patent applications, European design applications and international design patents. Further, we can support you in the field of design infringements in Germany or Europe.

Before filing a German or European design application we pay special attention to design search which is conducted by our own design search professional. We search for you in all available design databases for identical and similar designs. Thus, the risk of a design patent collision with proprietors of older German design patents or EU community design patents may be minimized.

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